Some Uncomfortable Experience You Will Go Through When You Are In An Interracial Relationship

Being in a relationship is a lovely thing. It becomes even lovelier when you are with someone from a different cultural background. Even though some people see the beauty of this relationships, other do not. So it is a certainty that you will be faced with some uncomfortable moments as you enjoy each other's company. Some of the uncomfortable things you may face are written here so you can be aware of them and brace yourself.

People will never make the assumption that the both of you are together no matter how much you want that.

One thing you should come to terms with is people will hardly look at the both of you as a couple because they will find it difficult accepting the fact that two people who look nothing like the same are in a relationship. Now, this behavior may not be conscious. It may be that the normality of seeing people of the same race together have totally taken over people's subconscious and even their unconsciousness. Many of the times, they may not really know it and this behavior may come across as a rude discouragement. They may even see you as an adopted sibling or just a colleague. Anything apart from what you really are to each other, just so you do not invade their minds with what they consciously or unconsciously believe a relationship is not. Their behavior may point out reasons why the both of you should not be together. But, it is a wave you have to ride it. You will have to ignore the rudeness and affect them with how you do not really care. This is bound to happen. How you react will affect your relationship positively or negatively.

You will find yourselves entertaining strange questions other couples do not get to be asked

Well, you both are different, so do not expect that you will not be treated as such. You will find yourselves entertaining strange questions ranging from the level of strange to very dumb. It usually starts with questions about how the both of you met and where.

The questions will go on to how you two got to know each other. Then without warning, the dumb ones will start flying in. "Is this really so?" They will ask about a racial stereotype before asking about what you think the appearance of your children will look like. To tell the truth, this is quite enough to get upset about. But if you get upset at this, you had better get ready to keep getting upset all your life. There is no end to people's dumbness, and those questions that keep getting you upset will keep flowing in. It will be wise, however, to decline from answering these questions and register your displeasure. Let them know that you do not appreciate being asked such dumb questions.



People will stare at you


This is just an expression of how much man loves to interfere with other people's lives. People will stare at you. Some of them incredulous and some of them with anger that you are breaking down the walls in their sadly rigid mind on how they were brought up and how they expect things should be. It is important you learn to tune all of these unpleasant behavior out and live your own life. It is not like you need the approval of every one of your partner's race to date your partner. The best thing to do would be to simply ignore them.

Your worry about the reaction of your partner's parents, siblings, relations and friends.

Okay, this is a rather sticky one. However what should inform your decision about staying to weather this storm or taking another corner in your life will be the reaction of your own partner. If your partner is supportive even in the presence of his family, then half your work is done for you. However, if your partner's appears unsure and panders to every whim of the parents, friends and or relations, you should know that it is highly unlikely that the relationship will work. Thankfully, some families, friends, and relatives are forward thinking and you will not have this problem on your hands. You will be able to interact freely with them without any form of prejudice or reservation. In that case, there is no battle to be fought at all.

You will most likely find relationships where people will want to treat you as a fetish object

It is hard weeding out people who are really interested in you or just what you represent. It is almost as if they want to use you for an experiment. They see you as this fascinating object that they have. Now, you may be okay with this or not, this choice is yours. Personally, I am not. It becomes even more tiring when people also fetishize your relationship. Their interest in it becomes creepy and they want to know many things about you two. Not because they care, but because they want to know what it is like and get a kick out of it. I date people because we have similar interests not because I am just interested in dating someone of another race. I think people should have this outlook on dating. But then, it is their choice and they are free to make it.

There Is This Assumption That You Hate Yourself

This is laughable in the case of many. People automatically assume you hate yourself, your race and your skin colour which is why you prefer dating people of different races and different cultural background. It is an erroneous assumption. Many of us are very comfortable in our own skin which is why we are brave enough to reach across the divide without changing our skin colour. Not that this makes us better than people who prefer dating people of their own race. But the fact is we do not hate ourselves. These are some of the uncomfortable situations you face when dating someone of a different race. However if you feel you are able to handle this, you should take a step towards finding partners through interracial dating websites.